A Breath Of Fresh Air – Bossy Leah 2022 – HD 1080p ,1080p

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Leah doesn’t visit Filth fetish Studios often, but when she does… SHE MAKES AN IMPACT! Jimmy pleads with her not to sit on his face after enjoying A BIG MEAL. She ate a BIG BREAKFAST BLT with a Caesar Salad and all of that is brewing in her stomach and READY TO RELEASE ON JIMMY’S NOSE! Leah PLOPS down in her sweatpants making her seat take DEEP SNIFFS OF HER STINKY BUM! He is already choking, and the farts haven’t even begun!

Leah STUFFS HER SWEATY SOCK into Jimmy’s mouth and then TAPES HIS MOUTH SHUT! She strips out of her sweatpants to reveal SEXY PINK LINGERE UNDERNEATHE! There is nothing sexy about what Jimmy is about to experience though! She sits down and begins SMOTHERING HIM WITH HER GAS! The farts are ALL BURNING HOT AND SILENT, Perfect for gassing out her stupid pathetic seat!

The video ends with Leah deciding, Jimmy may make a better TOILET THEN A SEAT! She brings him to the bathroom and UNLOADS A CREAMY PILE OF SHIT ONTO HIS FACE! Jimmy can barely breathe under all the wet crap! Leah is looking for a new full time toilet slave, but be warned, the flavor is bitter and spicy!

Name: Bossy Leah – A Breath of Fresh Air.mp4
Permission: FullHD
Duration: 00:15:29
File size : 663 MB
Resolution : 1920 @ 1080


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