OPUD-304 – Ultimate Gero Feces Lesbian – scatbb.com – HD 1080p ,Pee

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Two lesbian schoolgirls (Ayase Momono and Mira Kanon) having some nasty sex together. Four different scenes with the two cuties.
The first scene is pretty soft and has the two girls, in uniform, kissing for a while and pleasuring each other in pretty normal ways (oral sex, fingering,…). After a while, Mira pisses in her partner’s mouth and decides to vomit a bit on her as well. The scene ends with Ayase fingering Mira until she reaches climax.
The second scene is much more messy. Mira wears a really cute school swimsuit while Ayase quickly gets naked. No “vanilla” stuff going on here but there is a lot of vomitting and shitting from both girls. They smear the shit and vomit on each other and the scene ends with proper lesbian sex while they’re covered in feces and puke.
The third scene has some kind of femdom vibe, Mira is tied up by her friend and gently “tortured”. There is a lot of fingering, some piss and at some point Ayase puts a stocking on Mira’s head and pukes a lot inside. The rest of the scene is just Ayase fingering her friend and using a vibrator on her.
The last scene is very similar to the second one, lots of vomitting and shit smearing with some sex at the end, but this time the girls wear gym outfits.


Name: OPUD-304
Permission: FullHD
Duration: 01:58:33
File size : 4.95 GB
Resolution : 1920 @ 1080



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