ScatShop – Candie Cane – Peeing & Pooping on the Bathroom Floor of a Casino! HD 1080p – a ,Floor of

The video begins outdoors, as we make our way in to the casino from the parking lot. I knew that they don’t allow any type of cameras or recording, so I had to keep my phone out of view. We walk in the front and there is an employee posted at the front door to check IDs. I cover my phone so that way he doesn’t know that I am trying to film inside of their casino. I was really nervous with what I had planned LOL! As soon as I get my ID back we head towards the bathrooms. I find a singular restroom with a locking door and walk in. I walk over to the mirror so I can take off all of my clothes.

I even took off my shoes for the naughty things I had planned LOL! I stop in between each piece of clothing to grab my crotch and bounce around to prevent from pissing my pants LOL! Finally I got all of my clothing off and I am ready to go! I pick up the camera and let my pee rush out and spray ALL over the floor of this restroom! I felt like I was peeing FOREVER! It just kept coming and covering the tiled floor! After I finally finish peeing, I show you how soaked my hairy bush is with pee drops. They slowly drop off of the hairs. I even had a little bit of cream falling from the back of my pussy, because I was so turned on to be SO naughty in public! After showing you how wet I was, then I show you the floor LOL! The entire bathroom floor was pretty much SOAKED lol! We walk around so I can show you just how soaked I made everything with my pee. There were giant puddles everywhere! I was so excited that I was able to hold in a nice long pee, so I could COVER that floor LOL! My pee even sprayed over onto the walls and the garbage can! Then I start walking around in the pee, letting my feet play and splatter in it! The floor looked like it had rained in there LOL! Once I am finished playing in all of this pee, I realized that I had to poop! I was glad that I was still naked and in the bathroom when the urge came to me! So I kneel down on the floor with my ass spread and facing you, while I am turning my head to look at you over my shoulder. I put my hand on one of my ass cheeks to pull my ass apart and slowly let the poo start to come out. I give it a little push and a turd starts to emerge! It seems to sit there, just poking out forever, but as soon as it begins to poke out, it slides right out of my little asshole and lands on the bathroom floor!

Filesize:1.89 GB
Video:AVC, 1920×1080, 29.970 FPS, 10.9 Mb/s
Audio: AAC LC , 48.0 kHz, 2 channels, 165 kb/s


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