Sexandcandy18 – ScatShop – MegaScatPack – 49 ScatVideos – Latex ,toilet

This pack is a rip of all 48 videos available on the ScatShop sexandcandy18 store page as of today, plus one additional video that is not listed. All videos are solo scenes of sexandcandy18 in her bedroom or compilations of her use of the bathroom. She does various things in the videos including: finger masturbation, shit masturbation, peeing, shitting, toe sucking, farting, anal play with dildos and plugs, eating shit and drinking urine. There’s also a bit of adult baby play with putting on diapers, sucking a pacifier, and playing with teddy bears.
Most of the videos are shot vertically, although some are shot horizontally and have varying resolutions, most are HD (i.e. 720p or 1080p). Screenshots for all videos are available below in the Screens folder


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