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MakeKatPurrrr - Stripping & Shitting Pt.1 00000 MakeKatPurrrr - Stripping & Shitting Pt.1 00001 MakeKatPurrrr - Stripping & Shitting Pt.1 00002 MakeKatPurrrr - Stripping & Shitting Pt.1 00003 MakeKatPurrrr - Stripping & Shitting Pt.1 00004MakeKatPurrrr - Stripping & Shitting Pt.1.ScrinList
Kat just got back from the store and wants to show you what she’s been holding for you. Teasing you with her tiny feet (size 4) and stripping off her shoes dangling them on her feet. Showing off her bare feet for you Kat then strips out of her pants and panties so she can take a nice yummy shit for you. Leaning back so you can see her pretty face, toes and her meaty pussy open while she takes a huge shit. Laying down next to her shit so you can admire her pretty face while she sniffs it all up! And don’t worry she knows you wanna see those gorgeous little toes next to her shit so she gives you exactly what you want!
Name: MakeKatPurrrr – Stripping & Shitting Pt.1.mp4
Permission: UltraHD 4K
Duration: 00:16:30
File size : 1.24 GB
Resolution : 3840 @ 2160

MakeKatPurrrr - Stripping & Shitting Pt.2 00000 MakeKatPurrrr - Stripping & Shitting Pt.2 00001 MakeKatPurrrr - Stripping & Shitting Pt.2 00002 MakeKatPurrrr - Stripping & Shitting Pt.2 00003 MakeKatPurrrr - Stripping & Shitting Pt.2 00004MakeKatPurrrr - Stripping & Shitting Pt.2.ScrinList
Sexy little Kat in her matching skirt and top struts around for you teasingly. You can’t help but happen to notice her super sexy heels either. Teasing you with her feet cause she knows that’s your favorite she begins to strip off her shoes. Lotioning up her sexy little feet and then stripping off her skirt and panties. Kat sits back to take a nice big shit for you. Laid back with her feet up. She squats over her nice big shit to pee all over it. Laying her face next to her poop to get a nice big whiff and showing off her pretty little toes next to her pile. Putting her heels back on Kat walks around her shit just to tease you a little more and then walks off for you to clean up the mess.
Name: MakeKatPurrrr – Stripping & Shitting Pt.2.mp4
Permission: FullHD
Duration: 00:17:35
File size : 1.32 GB
Resolution : 1920 @ 1080

MakeKatPurrrr - Up Close & Personal 00000 MakeKatPurrrr - Up Close & Personal 00001 MakeKatPurrrr - Up Close & Personal 00002 MakeKatPurrrr - Up Close & Personal 00003 MakeKatPurrrr - Up Close & Personal 00004MakeKatPurrrr - Up Close & Personal.ScrinList
Another sexy video of Kat teasing you. Dancing around showing off her little outfit Kat starts stripping down. First her shorts showing off that amazing ass of hers. Then taking off her top she teases you with those perky little tits and turns around to twerk it in your face. Stripping nude Kat gets down on all fours bending her ass over in your face she starts shitting a nice soft dark load for you.
Name: MakeKatPurrrr – Up Close & Personal.mp4
Permission: UltraHD 4K
Duration: 00:12:11
File size : 923 MB
Resolution : 3840 @ 2160

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